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Luggage Storage Empire State Building

If you are searching for safe and secure Luggage Storage Empire State Building for your bags then Cubby should be your first choice. If you are at the Empire State Building to view an amazing 360 degree view of New York city or want to see other attractions then leave your luggage at any of the luggage lockers by Cubby near Empire State building and enjoy your visit. Booking luggage storage with Cubby is the best thing that you can do with your heavy bags. This will help you to enjoy your Manhattan trip with empty hands.

Are luggage storage lockers available at the Empire State Building?

Yes, Luggage Storage available near Empire State Building by Cubby. You can store your bags at a very cheap price of $5.90 per day and you will charge only $3.90 for each additional day. Just open Cubby's website and use a map widget to search all luggage storage near the Empire State Building. You will find lots of Cubby's luggage storage locations near the Empire State Building. You can book it in advance.

How to book Luggage Storage Empire State Building?

You can book luggage storage at the Empire State building in less than 3 minutes by using its website. Just Enter location in the search box or use the nearby location widget and a long list of all luggage storage locations will appear on the screen. Select luggage storage and make payment.

We recommend you to book your luggage storage in advance if you have planned your visit a few days before. You do not worry about cancellation charges as Cubby provides an easy cancellation policy. There is no charge for cancellation. Also, we will not ask a single question or reason for cancellation. Just drop a mail or use a chatbox on our website to cancel your booking. You can also ask any question regarding our services on chatbox to our customer care executive.

Transportation options at Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan, New York which is one of the top areas of New York. There are a number of options available to reach the Empire State Building. The building is located at 20 W, 34th Street. You can reach here by stopping at Penn Station stop or Herald Square Stop. The Empire State Building is a walking distance from Penn Station. For public entrance, go to 34th street where you get the doorway for the observatory.

Things to do near Empire State Building

If you are visiting the Empire State Building, you can cover many other popular attractions near the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is one of the top skyscrapers in the world which is 102 stories high. At once it was the world's tallest building. You can see the best view of New York from the top floor of the Empire State Building. Daily hundreds of tourists visit this building.

Here are the best things to do near the Empire State Building. The best way to visit all these places is to store your bags at secure luggage storage near the Empire State Building and roam freely on the streets of Manhattan.

  • Times Square
  • Times Square is one of the top tourist attractions of New York. If you are in New York for the first time then you must visit this amazing spot. It is the center of the world entertainment industry. You may not believe but nearly half a million people go through Times Square on the busy day. To visit this walking is the best method. It is crowded with tourists all the time. High rise buildings and very large displays on the building are one of the top attractions at Times Square. Night time is best to visit to see these Led displays. Street arts is also a popular attraction at this place.

  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • The Museum of Modern Art is located on 11W 53rd street in Manhattan, New York. It showcases art from the 18th and 19th century. There are many exhibitions available in this museum. It has more than 2,00,000 of artworks available in the museum and more than 90,000 artworks available online. There is a store available to buy designed art pieces. You can also check and buy them online from the website of the Museum of Modern Art.

  • Bryant Park
  • This is the best place to walk besides the high rise buildings of Manhattan. There are lots of greenery and plants in this park. Every day lots of people visit this park to walk and see the amazing view of the city. You can see the views from the different locations like 10th Avenue Square, Northern Spur Preserve, 26th street viewing spur and Chelsea Market passage.

  • The High Line
  • Located on 7th Avenue between 42nd and 47th Street, Times Square is truly the heart of New York City. More than 25 million tourists come each year to discover this mythical little district, where the facades of large buildings are almost completely covered with giant screens. It is after dark that Times Square becomes even more impressive. With its illuminated signs and noisy crowd, you will understand why New York is nicknamed "the city that never sleeps." Discovering Time Square will also be the perfect opportunity to attend a show on Broadway. You will have the choice, between Cirque du Soleil shows and the many Broadway musicals, for an unforgettable evening.

  • St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Visiting St.Patrick’s Cathedral will give you a good experience during your Manhattan New York trip. This Neo- Gothic architecture was built in 1858 but it was opened in 1879 after more than 20 years. There are guided tours available while visiting this cathedral. You can check availability online with their website. Due to its beautiful design, it is one of the top tourist spots near the Empire State Building. This is near Central Park so include it in your trip if you are visiting Manhattan.

    Besides things to do near the Empire State Building, there are many food and shopping options available in Manhattan. Due to being busy with international tourists all the time, this area has many restaurants that serve international cuisine like Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and European. Try to do some shopping here. Almost all popular international fashion brands have stores here.

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Luggage Storage near Penn Station

Luggage Storage near Macy's Herald Square

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