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Luggage Storage Macy's Herald Square New York

Macy’s Herald Square New York is one of the largest stores in the world. It has so many departments and it is multistories. Visiting Macy’s Herald Square with the heavy bags is not possible. The best option is to store your bags at Luggage Storage Macy’s Herald Square by Cubby. There are many Cubby;s luggage storage service providers near Macy’s Store at Herald Square New York. So book your luggage at one of the Cubby’s Luggage Storage near Macy’s Herald Square New York and enjoy your day at Macy’s.

Does luggage storage lockers available at Macy’s Herald Square New York?

You can store your bags at Cubby’s Luggage Storage near Macy’s Herald Square New York. Store your luggage at the cheapest price near Macy’s at Herald Square. Luggage storage price at Cubby for the first day is only $5.90 and for each additional day $3.90 only. Visit our website and enter location to find luggage storage service providers. Book your luggage storage in advance to save the time when you reach the location.

How to book Luggage Storage Macy’s Herald Square New York?

Booking a luggage storage at Cubby near Macy’s Herald Square New York location is very easy and quick. Cubby’s luggage storage is available at many locations in New York. You can get Cubby luggage storage location at the walking distance from any popular tourist attraction.

Enter the location near where you want to leave your bags and you will get the list of bag storage providers. Select any of them which are near to your location and go for the payment. There are many options available for completing the payment. It takes less than 3 minutes to book a luggage storage with Cubby. IF you have already planned your visit to Macy’s Herald Square then book your luggage space before one or two days. Cancellation is free and very easy when you book baggage storage Macy’s Herald Square location with Cubby. Drop an email or tell our customer care executive your booking reference number and we will cancel your booking immediately after verifying it. Nobody. Nobody will ask you the reasons for cancellation.

How to reach Macy’s Herald Square New York?

The Empire State Building is located in Manhattan, New York which is one of the top areas of New York. There are a number of options available to reach the Empire State Building. The building is located at 20 W, 34th Street. You can reach here by stopping at Penn Station stop or Herald Square Stop. The Empire State Building is a walking distance from Penn Station. For public entrance, go to 34th street where you get the doorway for the observatory.

Things to do near Macy’s Herald Square New York

There are lots of interesting things to do near Macy’s Herald Square New York

  • The Empire State Building
  • One of the most important steps, and perhaps the first thing to do while in Manhattan, will be to climb to the top of one of the most famous buildings, the Empire State Building. This skyscraper located in the Midtown district is one of the top symbols of the city. There you can find two observatories, on the 86th floor and the 102nd floor, from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city. On the 80th floor, you can also discover Dare to Dream, an exhibition that traces the history of the Empire State Building.

  • Central Park, the lung of Manhattan
  • As you probably already know, Central Park is Manhattan's largest green space. Located in the heart of the island, it is often nicknamed the “green lung of New York.” With an area of ​​almost 3.5km², Central Park is where New Yorkers go to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, do some sport, or just relax in nature. Whatever the season, you'll always find a good reason to take a walk in Central Park. For example, you can take a nice bike ride and picnic in the spring and summer, admire nature in the fall, and enjoy the snow and the ice rink in the winter.

  • MOMA, To come to visit if you come to Manhattan
  • The Museum of Modern Art, a modern art museum located between Times Square and Central Park, is arguably the most popular museum in Manhattan. If you appreciate contemporary art, you can discover thousands of paintings, sculptures, engravings, photos, and drawings from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Cézanne, Picasso, Andy Warhol, Matisse are the works of the greatest artists of the modern era that are exhibited there. It is recommended that you arrive fairly early in the morning (doors open at 9:30 am) if you want to be able to avoid the crowds and make the most of your visit.

  • Times Square and Broadway
  • Located on 7th Avenue between 42nd and 47th Street, Times Square is truly the heart of New York City. More than 25 million tourists come each year to discover this mythical little district, where the facades of large buildings are almost completely covered with giant screens. It is after dark that Times Square becomes even more impressive. With its illuminated signs and noisy crowd, you will understand why New York is nicknamed "the city that never sleeps." Discovering Time Square will also be the perfect opportunity to attend a show on Broadway. You will have the choice, between Cirque du Soleil shows and the many Broadway musicals, for an unforgettable evening.

  • Rockefeller Center
  • If you want the chance to get another unique perspective on Manhattan, you can head to Rockefeller Center, and more specifically, the Top of the Rock Observatory. It is from here that you can access the most beautiful view of Central Park, which is even more impressive at night. Apart from this observatory, Rockefeller Center is also a huge shopping complex made up of about twenty buildings, where you will find a lot of shops in the shopping arcades, and where you will also have the opportunity to see very important works of art, such as the statue of Prometheus, and the Atlas bearing the world.

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Luggage Storage near Penn Station

Luggage Storage near Empire state building

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