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San Francisco International Airport Luggage Storage

San Francisco international airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. If you have just arrived at the airport and are searching for luggage storage before you start your day trip or already booked a hotel but need some safe and secure bag storage then Cubby's San Francisco Airport Luggage storage is the best option. Just book your Luggage storage online within 3 minutes, drop your luggage at San Francisco airport lockers by Cubby and explore San Francisco hands-free.

Why should you choose Cubby to store your Luggage at the San Francisco International Airport?

  • Easy Online Booking:

Cubby’s San Francisco airport Luggage Storage is the best to store heavy to medium size bags, backpacks, strollers or gig bags. So don’t go with heavy bags if you do not need it. Just book it online with Cubby which is very easy and fast. You can book Luggage storage near San Francisco Airport within 3 minutes without downloading and installing any app. Cubby’s mobile optimized website is very fast whether you are using it on mobile or desktop.You need only three steps to book SFO airport lockers by Cubby. FIrst, search nearby luggage storage locations by Cubby. Second, select one of the locations and at last, do the payment through any of the payment options.

  • Affordable price:

Cubby provides San Francisco Airport Luggage Storage facility at the most affordable price and also it is lower than any other Luggage Storage Service provider in San Francisco.The price for Luggage storage at the San Francisco International airport baggage storage is $5.90 for the first day and $3.90 for each extra day. You can get best price for Long term Luggage storage near San Francisco Airport by direct contacting our customer care

  • Safe and Secure:

Safety and Security of your bags is most important to us. We use digitally coded tempered proof unique bag seals for the safety of your bags at San Francisco Airport Luggage Storage. All our partners are well trained and they follow our safety guidelines seriously. All luggage storage lockers by Cubby are secure.

  • Free Cancellation:

Cubby has a free cancellation policy without asking any questions. If your plan changed and you no longer want to store your bags then just contact us for cancellation, we will refund your amount without any charge.

  • Multiple Locations:

Cubby provides Luggage storage space in multiple locations in San Francisco including San Francisco International Airport Luggage Storage. Cubby is also available in many cities of the US. So you can get Luggage storage near your location easily. Cubby has done a partnership with many local business owners to give you the best Left luggage service. So leave luggage at San Francisco Airport Lockers and roam freely in the city.

  • Luggage Insurance:

If you book luggage storage with Cubby then all your bags are insured with $750 insurance. Main interesting thing is, you do not need to worry about the size and shape of the bags. All bags get the same amount of insurance of $750. So book your luggage storage now.

  • Excellent Customer Service:

It is very simple to connect with team Cubby when you need help regarding your booking, cancellation or when you have some queries related to bookings. You can reach out to Customer service in two ways. One is when you open the website, a chat box appears. You can also drop an email to

luggage storage san francisco international airport

Things to do near San Francisco Airport

There are lots of things to do near San Francisco Airport. Just use Cubby's Left luggage service and roam freely without worry about those heavy bags. Due to many transit options from SFO, you can easily go for city tours while layover. Some of the best things to do in San Francisco are to visit Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Golden Gate Park, Ferry Marketplace, Lombard Street, and riding the cable car in downtown San Francisco.

Golden Gate bridge is one of the best attractions in San Francisco which connects San Francisco and Marin County. The best place to capture the full view of this amazing bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point.

Riding a cable car is also the best experience you can get from your San Francisco trip. San Francisco Cable Car is one of the National Historic Landmarks of the United States. Every year more than 9 million visitors use the cable car.

Fisherman's wharf is one of the busiest areas with tourists. In this area Pier 39 is famous for shopping and restaurants. You can see sea lion habitats next to Pier 39. Other attractions in Fisherman's Wharf are the Musée Mécanique, Ghirardelli Square, Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf, Ripley's Believe it or Not museum, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

Spreading in 174 acres, the Golden Gate Park attracts around 13 million visitors each year. You can easily spend a day at the Park. Some of the sites to see at the Golden Gate Park are the Japanese Tea Garden, Conservatory of Flowers, windmills, Golden Gate Park Aquarium, and Strawberry garden.

During your San Francisco trip, if you want to taste a variety of foods, then visit the Ferry marketplace. Food stalls here offer seafood, burgers, Mexican food, and coffee. It is best to visit on weekdays as you need to wait in a queue for orders during the weekend.

You can use SFO Luggage Storage which is handled by the Airport Travel Agency. But, the SFO storage rate for luggage is very high compared to Cubby. The rate for your bag is as high up to $10 per hour. So better you save some bucks in luggage storage and book it with Cubby where you can store your luggage at $5.90 per day for the first day and $3.90 per day from the next day. Due to its safe and secure luggage lockers with cheap price, Cubby is the best alternative to the SFO lockers by the Airport Travel Agency. Cubby has a number of partner locations in San Francisco so it is very easy to find Luggage Storage near San Francisco Airport or in San Francisco downtown. If you are heading to San Francisco city from SFO through BART then you have the option to store your bags at Luggage Storage near BART stations.

Transport from the San Francisco Airport

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) operates direct trains from San Francisco airport to San Francisco, San Mateo County, and East bay. For BART, you can take free AirTrain from any terminal to reach Garage G.

You can also use SamTrans 24 hours bus service to reach San Mateo County, Palo Alto and some parts of San Francisco.

Frequently Asked Questions for Luggage Storage San Francisco Airport

How much does it cost to store Luggage near San Francisco Airport?

You can use Luggage Storage near San Francisco Airport at a very cheap price of just $5.90 for the first day and $3.90 for each additional day.

Is luggage storage available near San Francisco Airport?

Yes, Not only San Francisco International Airport Luggage Storage, Cubby is at many locations in the city. Cubby has luggage storage near all major tourist attractions.

How can I contact Cubby if I have problems with booking?

You can reach out to us by dropping an email or you can chat directly with our executive through a chat box which is available on our website.

Is it safe to store your luggage at Luggage Storage near San Francisco Airport by Cubby?

Yes, Cubby is a very safe luggage storage service. We provide digitally coded tamper proof seals to every bag. We check all safety and security precautions before passing any luggage storage locations. Cubby handles numbers of bags at its locations throughout the USA. Also, each bag is insured with $750 insurance which is major advantage of using luggage storage San Francisco Airport by Cubby

How to store my Luggage with Cubby?

You only require less than three minutes to store your bags at San Francisco Airport Luggage Storage.

  1. Search Luggage Storage near San Francisco Airport
  2. Select one of the storage space from the list
  3. Do payment online.

Easy right? Also, you do not need to download and install the app to book your luggage storage!

Is there Luggage Storage available near the popular attractions of San Francisco?

Cubby is a leading brand in Luggage Storage Service. Cubby’s baggage storage San Francisco partners are available near most of the attractions.

Luggage Storage near Union Square

Luggage Storage Caltrain station

Luggage Storage BART station

Luggage Storage near Golden Gate Bridge

Luggage Storage near Asian Art Museum

Luggage Storage near Exploratorium

Luggage Storage Oracle Park

Luggage Storage near Pier 39

Luggage Storage Oakland Airport

Luggage Storage near Fisherman’s Wharf

Luggage Storage Powell Street Station

Luggage Storage near San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Cubby offers multiple locations to store bags in san francisco.

Cubby also offers luggage storage in major US cities

Washington DC


Las Vegas





San Antonio


Fort Worth

Redwood City

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A lifesaver ! We just made lugging history. Just drop off your bags, strollers, luggage bags, gym bags, gig bags, gym bags,etc.,.at any one of our locations. Our vetted cubbers will babysit your bags, until you want them. When ready, just grab and go.

You bet. Every cubber is carefully vetted and have working and functional cameras at their place. We also provide you with cubby card and uniquely numbered bag seal to give you that peace of mind. Additionally, every bag is insured for $750.

If you can lift it then we can store it in one of our verified cubbers locations.

It starts at just of $5.90 for a day. An additional day will be $3.90 for a day. The rates are all charged per day so you don’t have to have a timer to pick up your bags before the hour.

As long as you want. If you think you will need the storage space for longer duration, then contact us at : for special discounts.

You only need confirmation email/text and Valid photo ID. Upon reaching cubber, seal your bag with the bag seal with unique number provided by the cubber. Also don’t forget to write the number down on your cubby card.

Don’t sweat it. We got your ba(ck)g.Reach us at and we will help you out.

If it need lugging, then it has be stashed in a cubby. Now you can focus on what really matters to you. Let us know if you have specific requirements and we’ll do our very best to store it.

With just a click on your phone/tablet/laptop. Go to our website and start by entering the location you want to store and number of bags you want to store. We will list out the cubbers in that area. Once you make the payment, we will send you the exact address with the location on map for easy navigation. You will also have the confirmation email and text sent.

No worries! You know we got your back(g) . If you’re plans change, all you got to do is email us at , before the booking start time. If we can accommodate you at another place, we are more than happy to do it but if you would like to just cancel the reservation, we can do that too. We’ll refund your cash back and you can be on your way in no time.

The more, the merrier. Refer a friend or family member and enjoy a special discount of 10% for you and your referred friend or family on your next booking.

Look around , it could be the place next door. Start by logging onto our website and booking for your cubby. We will help you reach there and drop off your luggage.