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Per bag/day


Convenient locations


Insured upto 750$


Hassle free cancellation


Excellent Customer Service

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An Easy and Luggage-Free Washington D.C. Trip!

Who says you have to plan a long, expensive, and time-consuming trip to the capital just because you have a lot of luggage when you can go on a much shorter trip without being burdened by the baggage that drags you down everywhere you go. With our help, you can pack generously and make your way to the airport!

All you need is a place for your luggage to be stored with a reliable and affordable short-term storage service in Washington, D.C.—and that’s where Cubby comes in!. We’re a luggage storage service provider that operates in various locations to help individuals travel light and easy. Our rates are affordable, our service is exceptional, and we prioritize our customers over everything else! So feel free to ask us any questions that you might have. You can reach out to us via email or chat anytime.

luggage storage washington dc

Booking with Cubby is a fairly easy and a simple task. All you need is a computer or a smartphone. The first thing you need to do is book through an easy online process

Book online and drop off your luggage with one of our vetted Cubbers and collect your Cubby card in return. This way, you can make your way to any place you want to visit directly from the airport.

You don’t have to check in to any hotels just for the sake of leaving your bags there! Why waste hundreds of dollars checking in and paying hotel charges just because you need to keep your bags safe when you can simply pay $5.9 and have your luggage stored for a day?

No bags will be lost or harmed during your trip, and you’ll save good money as you go! Also, if you need to leave your bags with us for more than a day, you only need to pay $3.9 for each additional day and we’ll keep your bags safe and secure as promised.

We also offer insurance for all the items stored. All our partner locations are fully vetted and have cameras in place. We also provide a free bag seal with a unique code, which gives our customers additional peace of mind.

Now that your luggage is out of the way and you’re free to explore the capital, make sure you’re making the most of your trip. The Smithsonian Museums are not to be missed out. We suggest the Natural History and the National Air and Space Museum in particular! Then, of course, there’s the White House and the Capitol Building.

There are some amazing monuments that dot the city, such as the Washington Monument, which is a must-visit. And if you make your way over to the Lincoln Memorial, you can get a great photo of the Washington Monument in the background. There’s also the Martin Luther King Memorial that’s up on the best places in D.C. list. We suggest that you visit these memorials and the monument at night, because that’s the time you’ll get amazing photos with the colossal statues as they bath in lights!

When you’re done with all the sight-seeing, pick up your bags by showing your Cubby card and go home with some great memories to boot! Watch the video tutorial now.

Cubby Luggage Storage service in Washington DC

Luggage Storage near White house

Luggage Storage near National Gallery of Art

Luggage Storage in Georgetown

Luggage Storage near Capital One Arena

Luggage Storage near National Museum of Natural History

Luggage Storage near National mall

Luggage Storage near Washington Convention Center

Luggage Storage in Arlington

Luggage Storage near Dulles Airport

Luggage Storage in National Mall

Luggage Storage near US Capitol

Luggage Storage near smithsonian museum

Luggage Storage near Union Station

Luggage Storage near US Naval Observatory

Luggage Storage near Adams Morgan

Luggage Storage in U Street

Luggage Storage in Dupont Circle

Luggage Storage in H Street Corridor

Luggage Storage Connecticut Ave

Cubby also offers luggage storage in major US cities



Las Vegas




San Antonio


Fort Worth

Redwood City

Frequently Asked Questions

Big questions, Simple answers

A lifesaver ! We just made lugging history. Just drop off your bags, strollers, luggage bags, gym bags, gig bags, gym bags,etc.,.at any one of our locations. Our vetted cubbers will babysit your bags, until you want them. When ready, just grab and go.

You bet. Every cubber is carefully vetted and have working and functional cameras at their place. We also provide you with cubby card and uniquely numbered bag seal to give you that peace of mind. Additionally, every bag is insured for $750.

If you can lift it then we can store it in one of our verified cubbers locations.

It starts at just of $5.90 for a day. An additional day will be $3.90 for a day. The rates are all charged per day so you don’t have to have a timer to pick up your bags before the hour.

As long as you want. If you think you will need the storage space for longer duration, then contact us at : for special discounts.

You only need confirmation email/text and Valid photo ID. Upon reaching cubber, seal your bag with the bag seal with unique number provided by the cubber. Also don’t forget to write the number down on your cubby card.

Don’t sweat it. We got your ba(ck)g.Reach us at and we will help you out.

If it need lugging, then it has be stashed in a cubby. Now you can focus on what really matters to you. Let us know if you have specific requirements and we’ll do our very best to store it.

With just a click on your phone/tablet/laptop. Go to our website and start by entering the location you want to store and number of bags you want to store. We will list out the cubbers in that area. Once you make the payment, we will send you the exact address with the location on map for easy navigation. You will also have the confirmation email and text sent.

No worries! You know we got your back(g) . If you’re plans change, all you got to do is email us at , before the booking start time. If we can accommodate you at another place, we are more than happy to do it but if you would like to just cancel the reservation, we can do that too. We’ll refund your cash back and you can be on your way in no time.

The more, the merrier. Refer a friend or family member and enjoy a special discount of 10% for you and your referred friend or family on your next booking.

Look around , it could be the place next door. Start by logging onto our website and booking for your cubby. We will help you reach there and drop off your luggage.